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Capri, the marvelous island full of natural wonders, of arches that throw themselves into the sea and of clear waters that you can see the bottom at tens of meters. The island of celebrities from all over the world, of Jacqueline Kennedy, Gothe, Lenin, Fersen, Neruda, Tiberius and Augustus. The island of caves such as the Blue Grotto, once a private nymphaeum of a Roman villa, the Green Grotto with its turquoise colors. The island of nightlife, with clubs in the center to dance until dawn.

Top 10 attractions on Capri island

1. The Blue grotto

The blue cave, now a national museum, was originally a private marine nymphaeum in Roman times. Rediscovered after centuries of oblivion in 1826, it is now accessible by special wooden boats guided by experienced local sailors who will explain the uniqueness of this site.

2. The little Marina

The bay of Marina Piccola stretches from the Faraglioni to the Grotta Verde, located on the south side of the island. The bay is the ideal place to moor yachts and boats to stop and enjoy the calm and clear sea. The small marina also has a small beach accessible in a few minutes from the center of the island by a fast staircase.

3. Villa Jovis

Villa Jovis was the home of the Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar, successor of the Emperor Augustus Caesar, who already marked his presence in Capri with numerous Villas built under his reign. Tiberius would live permanently in Capri between 27 and 37 AD. Until he reached the end of his life. The Villa Jovis remains one of the best preserved Roman structures in the whole region, and it is possible to visit it after walking to the top of Mount Tiberius, where its ruins rest.

4. Faraglioni rock's

The Faraglioni are a geological formation of pronounced elevation, composed of 3 large rocks, two of them separated from the island of Capri, at the height of the surface, and one, smaller, that is part of the island at the southeastern end of it. Over the years, the rocks have become one of the symbols of Capri, thanks to their impressive visuals and the tradition that surrounds them.

5. La Piazzetta

The Piazza Umberto Primo, better known as the Piazzetta, is the main square of the island of Capri, which, without counting the vast surface, receives hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, as it is a place of almost forced passage to reach most of the tourist destinations of Capri, and for its architectural and natural beauty. The square is full of shops and bars. It hosts an ancient church dedicated to Santo Stefano and the Clock Tower, a particular sign that represents it. There is also the entrance to the Funicular, which connects the square to Marina Grande.

6. Monte Solaro

Mount Solaro is the highest elevation present on the island of Capri. The peak, which rises 586 meters above sea level, makes the mountain a tempting attraction thanks to its panoramic views of the entire island, and much of the gulfs of Naples and Salerno. It is possible to reach the top of Mount Solaro thanks to the Chairlift, which carry one person at a time, for a stretch of 11 minutes at an estimated height of 15 meters from the ground, until you reach the top, where there is a bar, a small square and bathrooms with free access.

7. Villa San Michele

Villa San Michele is probably one of the most emblematic buildings on the island. Located in the city of Anacapri, Villa San Michelle was designed and built by the Swedish doctor Axel Munthe who, after arriving in the city of Naples to help cholera patients, fell in love with the view of Capri and decided to build his home on the remains of a small church dedicated to San Michelle.

Axel Munthe wrote a book called “the story of San Michelle” where he tells his life full of vicissitudes and the construction of the village, which today is, together with the Blue Grotto, one of the main attractions of Capri.


8. The Green Grotto

The green cave is named because of the green effect of the water inside. The high rock walls that open the entrance to the cave, and the sunlight that reaches its interior, generate a combination of lights and shadows capable of tinting the water an intense green color. The cave has two entrances, and although it is not very large, it captivates many visitors thanks to its combination of colors.

9. The garden of Augusto

The Gardens of Augustus are a series of small gardens and panoramic points located in the city of Capri, near the monastery of Saint Giacomo, and with a privileged view of the famous Via Krupp, the Marina Piccola and the Faraglioni rocks. The gardens are of exceptional taste, decorated with Roman sculptures and visited by many tourists thanks to their easy access on foot from the piazzetta of Capri.

10.The Red House

The Red House is a historical building in the city of Anacapri, built at the end of the 19th century by an American colonel, and finally obtained in the 1990s by the government of the city of Anacapri, the house now hosts the museum of the city of Anacapri. Among the numerous artistic expressions, there are three statues found in the mysterious Blue Grotto, which apparently decorated the private pool of the Emperor Tiberius Caesar during the first century AD.

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