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At the end of the Sorrento peninsula, dividing the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, there is Massa Lubrense. Forget the traffic and the crowdedness of Sorrento or Capri, this town makes of calm and simplicity its strong point. Consisting of small villages scattered in a territory of 14 square kilometers, Massa Lubrense has an infinite natural and cultural heritage to offer visitors. The coast is entirely included in the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella established to safeguard the marine fauna and the unique and uncontaminated environments such as the bay of Jeranto and the bay of Mortelle. The historical center with the cathedral of the sixteenth century and the ancient Saracen watchtowers scattered along the coast, form a museum spread to visit walking. Nerano’s famous restaurants overlooking the sea and starred restaurants make it one of the countries with the highest percentage of award-winning restaurants in the world.

Top 10 attractions

1. Santa Maria delle Grazie

The cathedral of Santa Maria delle Grazie, built in the town of Massa Lubrense, was completed in 1512 for a small town that did not have a Vescoval seat at that time. Over the years, it underwent numerous restorations until the bell tower was completed in 1925.

2. Sant Agata sui 2 golfi

Sant’Agata is the largest fraction of the town of Massa Lubrense, and the rest of its name (Sui Due Golfi) comes from its privileged location, between the Gulf of Naples and the Gulf of Salerno, which can be admired simultaneously thanks to the height of the place.

3. Marina della Lobra

Marina della Lobra is the main port of the town of Massa Lubrense. Accompanied by local restaurants and bars, Marina della Lobra receives thousands of tourists every year, being the main connection to the island of Capri.

4. Marina di Puolo

Puolo’s marina is located between the towns of Sorrento and Massa Lubrense. Its name comes from a Roman citizen named Pollio Felice, whose villa would have occupied a space in the vicinity. The beach has some balnearian establishments and local restaurants

5. Termini

The Fraction of Termini is part of the city of Massa Lubrense and is located at the foot of Mount San Constanzo, with a privileged view of the island of Capri. Termini has an enviable location in a panoramic sense, and is the starting point for numerous excursions.

6. Nerano

Nerano’s fraction extends from the base of Mount San Constanzo towards the coast, bathed by the waters of the Gulf of Salerno. Nerano is a famous fraction of Massa Lubrense for its culinary quality and the beautiful Marina del Cantone, the city’s largest beach.

7. Jeranto & Punta Campanella

Jeranto is a bay of great natural beauty, which is located in the territory of the Marine Protected Area of Punta Campanella. The vast extension of the marine nature reserve covers more than 40 km of coast and is divided between the towns of Massa Lubrense and Positano.

8. Marciano

Marciano is a fraction of Massa Lubrense that rises about 100 meters above sea level, and is located exactly in front of the island of Capri, so it offers incredible views of the island and the Gulf of Naples. 

9. Torca

The Fraction of Torca is located between 0 and 500mts above sea level, terraced on the Gulf of Salerno and with a privileged view to the small islands “Li Galli” that are in the proximity of the city of Positano.

10. Santa Maria Annunziata

The fraction of Santa Maria Anunziata is probably the oldest and richest area of history in the town of Massa Lubrense. Located in the hilly area, it is believed that the first settlement of the town was erected on these lands.

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